Opening of season of language brunch project “We Study with the whole family”, “Otbasymen birge ush tildi uyreneyik”-2018″


On April 29, 2018, within the framework of the Rukhani Zhangyru program, the opening of season of the family language sunday brunch project “We study with the whole family”, “Otbasymen birge ush tildi uireneyik” was held in Ana Tili centre, organized by the languages development department of the oblast.

The purpose of the course on teaching the three languages is acquaintance with the history, way of life and spiritual values of Kazakh people by language immersion, the development of national upbringing in the family institution.

In general, the brunch is arranged for families wishing to learn languages, it calls for pleasant free time and leisure in the family circle acquiring the language and communication skills in a relaxed atmosphere. By means of thematic lessons in Kazakh and English languages, students develop vocabulary, speech habits, form cultural-linguistic competence. Master classes will be conducted at the language courses by author of project, the teacher of Kazakh language Kinzhikova Sh.D.

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