Abai Kunanbayev’s poem "Alexander of Macedon" was translated into german


The great Kazakh poet and philosopher Abai Kunanbayev’s poem "Alexander of Macedon" was translated into German for the first time. The experts of the Goethe Institute were involved in the translation of the work. The poem was included in a special collection titled "From Heart to Heart", which also includes the works of other Kazakh writers. 


- “Shashty” and “Yeremei men akynai” are historic essays based on real-life stories. They were previously published in mass media. “Shashty” is a story of Mustafa Shokai’s tenth grandfather who is from Shashty tribe. I learned about the second story from the poet and researcher Zhailybai. I am very happy that these works were included in the collection.  Apart from the works of the Kazakh authors, the unique collection also includes the works of  famous German writers such as Rafik Schami and Erich Fried. The works were translated into Kazakh.  SHOLPAN KYZAYBAYEVA, HEAD OF DEPARTMENT, KAZAKHSTAN BRANCH OF GOETHE INSTITUTE:

- We sent three copies of this collection to the National Library of Germany and to eight other libraries so that German citizens could learn about the works of the Kazakh writers in their native language. The book would be interesting for those who like the Kazakh literature.  

Literature experts said that publishing such collection is an important element of the cultural renewal for the people of the two countries. It is also another vivid testimony of strengthening and development of cultural ties between Kazakhstan and Germany.


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