“Kazakshaniz Kalai?” action


On May 15, 2018, wihtin the framework of the implementation of the program article of the Head of State “The Course towards Future: the Modernization of Public Consciousness” the action “Kazakshanyz Kalai?” initiated by the Department for Language Development was held in the shopping centres of city. In the organization of this event, active students of Pavlodar State Pedagogical University studying under “Serpin” program were involved.

The purpose of action is to maximize the scope of application of the state language and its integration into all sectors of the life of society.

Residents of the city taking an active part in action had an opportunity to check the level of knowledge of the state language by answering the questions. Active participants were awarded incentive prizes.

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How does the "Kazakshanyz Kalai?" initiative support the vision of modernizing public consciousness proposed in the program "The Course towards Future: the Modernization of Public Consciousness"? Regards <a href="https://sas.telkomuniversity.ac.id/en/">Telkom University</a>
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