«My name is Kozha» in Turkish


A famous Kazakhs classic work, ‘My Name is Kozha’ written by renowned author of children’s book, Berdibek Sokpakbayev was introduced to Turkish readers.

The book is published in 67 languages and it was translated into Turkish for the first time. The official book presentation ceremony in Ankara was attended by the daughter of the writer, Samal Sokpakbayeva as well as Turkish intellectuals and the youth. Translator Cemile Kinaci who translated the book into Turkish language believes that many Turkish readers will like the story.


- Berdibek Sokpakbayev is one of the greatest writers. This is a story of one boy representing the whole nation. Although Kozha is young and naïve, he has a big heart. Kazakh and Turkish people are similar, they are brotherly nations. That’s why I think that there are similarities in the way the children think.

A film based on Berdibek’s book was presented at the Necip Fazil drama theater following the book presentation. Turkish schoolchildren are interested in the childhood story of Kazakh children. Kozha’s character inspired a lot of people. The Kazakh embassy in Turkey plans to dub the film and broadcast it on Turkish television.


- The film “My Name is Kozha” made me travel back in time to another world. Kozha has special qualities, upbringing and perception of the world. He has a great personality. I would call him a fighter for justice and honesty. There are few boys like him.  

Presentation of another Kazakh work, which was translated into Turkish language, strengthens the cultural relations development between Kazakhstan and Turkey. It also expands the prospects of mutual cooperation. As part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program, 20 works by Kazakh writers and poets were translated into Turkish. 


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