Nur Otan started the action "Speak with me in Kazakh"


The party «Nur Otan» started the action «Speak with me in Kazakh».

«The party is the initiator of event. From May 21 we announced about action on social networks», - said the head of press service of the central office of party Aliya Buriyeva.

On page of party in social networks says that the modernization of public consciousness should begin with the status of the state language. Our common duty is improving the status of the state language, its promotion and the expansion the sphere of use.

«Starting from today, we will speak in Kazakh with each other, with our children, with people around us. Use the Kazakh language more widely in work, in public places and on public transport», - said on page of party. 

In addition, the party «Nur Otan» calls to create the conditions for learning the Kazakh language for representatives of other ethnic groups and to support them.



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