Аrticle of modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity in UN languages


President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev's article on ‘Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity’ program has been translated into five languages. It is currently available for readers in the official languages of the United Nations (UN). The article was translated by the students and teachers of the Gumilyov Eurasian National University.


- Initially, the article is available in Kazakh and Russian. Our international students and foreign teachers translated the article into Chinese, Arabic, French, English and Spanish. The work on translations had been completed within two to three weeks.


- If we look at the foreign press, the experience of the ‘Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity’ program is actively discussed in the West and Russia. In our country, I represent Russia; the political events are prioritized instead of the current issues of young generation. Here in Kazakhstan, on the other hand, the young generation is the main focus. Within the framework of the ‘Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity’ program, there are opportunities to work not only with Kazakh youth but also with foreign youths so that they could gain international experience.

French student Jeremy Convert learns to play dombyra and speaks the Kazakh language.  He is so interested in Kazakh culture that he decided to create the 1001 step project. The project is informative as international students talk about Kazakhstan. As part of the project, the campaigns on the ‘Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity’ program will be held abroad during the year. Students will donate books about Kazakhstan to foreign universities and libraries as well as speak at conferences and publish articles for newspapers and magazines.


 - My purpose to come to Kazakhstan was not only to learn the language, but also the culture. Then I started playing dombyra. I thought when I return to France, I can share my experiences in art and music which I’ve learned in Kazakhstan.

The students intend not only to promote the ideas contained in the ‘Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity’ program, but also to engage in the implementation of the program. They announced the launch of the ‘We write in Latin, We support Latin’ project and agreed to make publications in the Latin alphabet in social media for several times a week.


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