Kazakh Language in Latin Script Training Program for Teachers


30 teachers have completed training on the spelling rules for the Kazakh language in the Latin script at the Shayakhmetov National Research-to-Practice Center, Til Qazyna.

The center conducts lessons of the Latin script for teachers from all region of Kazakhstan.

The 72-hour training program covered the basics of phonology, spelling and orthoepy rules for the new script as well as certain spelling rules for the original Kazakh and adopted words.

Candidate of Philological Science, Gulbarshyn Adambayeva said that the new script demonstrates a new approach to the spelling of the Kazakh words.

“There are also special ways to spell words, which have vowels producing two sounds. The training was very interesting as I learn a lot about the new rules,” she said.

Kazakhstan has announced that it will adopt the Latin-script for the Kazakh language instead of the Cyrillic letters.


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