Poems by Kazakh Poet Abai Kunanbayev to Be Translated into Macedonian and Albanian


Works by great Kazakh poet, Abai Kunanbayev will be translated into Macedonian and Albanian languages.

According to North Macedonian charge d’Affaires in Kazakhstan, Muarem Mexhiti the translated version of Kunanbayev’s poems will be kept in the national library in Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia.

He said that the works by Macedonia authors are also available in the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan.

“We opened a Macedonian literary corner in Kazakhstan’s National Academic Library in 2017. In this section, there are Macedonian books in Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish and English languages,” Mexhiti added.

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan’s National Library will also translate books written by Macedonian authors into the Kazakh language.

“As part of the Kazakh-Macedonian cooperation, we will exchange books to learn more about each other’s literary heritage. We will also hold similar meetings and conferences to exchange literary works of the two libraries,” said member of Kazakhstan Writer’s Union, Toregeldy Tuyakbai.


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