The regional competition «Til parasat» in Kyzylorda


   Today the Kyzylorda regional department of internal policy organized a regional contest «Til Parasat» among the young people of the Russian ethnos who know the state language .

  9 candidates aged 18 to 22 from the higher and specialized secondary institutions of the city of Kyzylorda and the region of Kazaly, Zhanakorgan, Syrdariya participated the at the competition.

  According to the results of the competition, the І, ІІ, and ІІІ winning places were taken by the student of the 3 course of Kazakh Humanitarian-juridical and Technical College Elena Naumova, student of the 2 course of Kazakh Agricultural and Technical College Anastasia Romanova and student of the 2 course of the Kyzylorda Medical College Nina Ruzaeva.

  As well as, the student of the 1 course of the Zhanakorgan Agricultural and Technical college Svetlana Kazakova, student of the 2 course of «Bolashak» college Viktoriya Nabieva and student of the 2 course of the Syrdariya Agricultural and Technical college Evgeniya Koshereshenko took the special prizes.

  As a result of the competition, the winners were awarded with diplomas and memorable gifts.

   The winner will defend the region's honor at the national competition "Til-Parasat".


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